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Outgoing callIncoming callSending 1 SMSSending 1 MMSInternet
EU (Zone 1)1.80 CZK/min0.00 CZK/min1.50 CZK4.90 CZKData usage in Zone 1 is being charged as in ČR
Zone 229.00 CZK/min17.00 CZK/min10.00 CZK10.50 CZK254.00 CZK/MB
Zone 359.00 CZK/min33.00 CZK/min15.00 CZK10.50 CZK305.00 CZK/MB

* Price includes VAT.
– In all European countries, calling 112 is free of charge


An abuse of the service is considered to be using the service in a manner in which the overall amount paid for electronic communications services (outgoing calls, outgoing SMS, outgoing MMS, data) for a four month period retrospectively outweighs the amount paid for electronic communications services (calls, SMS, MMS, data) consumed in the EU zone and charged on the basis of prices identical to domestic prices. If the service is charged on a flat rate basis for the CR and the EU zone, the average part of the flat rate for each day when a connection is made in the EU zone is added to the amount paid for electronic communications services consumed in the EU zone, which is paid in the framework of the relevant flat rate. If the service is charged on the basis of a unit price for the CR and the EU zone, the amount for a unit consumed in the EU is added to the amount paid for electronic communications services consumed in the EU zone.

  • From 15th of June 2017 you are calling in EU zone for the same price as when you are calling in the Czech Repubic.
  • Incoming calls in EU country are free of charge
  • Data usage in EU zone is being charged as in the Czech Republic. If you have activated data package, the data are being spent from the package
  • If you have package MAXI activated, you have unlimited calls in EU zone
  • If you are in EU zone country and you are calling to the same or other EU country, your calls are charged with the same price as calls within the Czech Republic. With tariff Easy it is 1.80 CZK/min and with package PLUS it is 1.60 CZK/min.
  • If you are in EU zone and you are calling to country from other zone, e.g. from EU zone to Zone 2, the call are being charged by Zone 2 rates.
  • Calls in OpenCall network with tariff Easy and package Plus aren´t benefitted in roaming. Callsare charged as calls within Czech Republic for 1.80 CZK/min.
  • Outgoing calls from one zone to another, are charged by the rate of the higher priced zone, for example when calling from Zone 1 to Zone 2, you will be charged according to the pricelist of Zone 2.
  • Prices are charged per begun minute of call connection (60+60). Prices of outgoing calls in Zone 1 (EU)  after the first half a minute are charged by the second (30+1). Its price is the same as outgoing calls within Czech Republic.
  • These prices don´t apply to premium numbers and green lines.
  • For incoming calls, the prices are charged for every minute of call connection (60 + 60). Prices for incoming calls in Zone 1 (EU) are for free.
  • The cost of outgoing SMS and MMS from one zone to another corresponds to the rate of the zone from which the SMS or MMS sent.
    – For example, if sending an SMS message from the United Kingdom (Zone 1) to the USA (Zone 2), users will be charged 1 CZK (the current valid rate for sending SMS from Zone 1).
  • Prices are charged by each 1 Kb of the data connection. Connection technology depends on technical possibilities of the contractual roaming operator. Data
  • usage in Zone 1 is being charged as in Czech Republic. It is effective in OpenCall daily internet and data packagesWhen activating the roaming the functionality Data limit abroad is automatically set up to the subscriber. The data limit abroad includes data used in zones 2 and 3. Data limit abroad enables to turn off the data transfer when the subscriber downloads within the Data roaming the data volume worth 1,650 CZK with VAT (1363,64 without VAT). After turning off the data transfer by reaching the Data limit abroad, to use more data it is necessary to cancel the Data limit abroad by sending a free SMS or in the Internet self-service. Within the one calendar months is possible to activate and deactivate the Data limit abroad repeatedly free of charge. During every new activation of the Data limit abroad or in the beginning of the months is the data limit calculated from zero. OpenCall sends a message to the subscriber when he reaches 80% and 100% of the limit.To activate the Data limit abroad package send a free SMS or go to Internet self-service.


    In the framework of the specific volume limit laid down in the COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2016/2286 (the “Regulation”), OpenCall is one of the data services intended for use in the CR and the EU zone that is entitled to charge for data used in the EU zone that is beyond this limit; this surcharge to the flat rate price for the pertinent volume is CZK 0.21 without VAT for 1 MB of data used in the EU zone. The billing unit for the surcharge is 1 kB

SMS orders for roaming

send the key text via SMS to 999348
text SMS description
ROAMING to check the remaining roaming data
ROAMING A activation request roaming data
ROAMING D deactivation request roaming data
BPR to block the roaming data
DBPR to unblock the roaming data
DATA LIMIT A activation of data limit in roaming
DATA LIMIT D deactivation of data limit in roaming

EU Zone:
Azores (Portugal), Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Gibraltar (UK), Guadeloupe (France), Croatia, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Canary Islands (Spain), Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Lithuania Latvia, Luxembourg, Madeira (Portugal), Hungary, Malta, Martinique (France), Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion (France), Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden Vatican (Italy), Great Britain.

Zone 2:
Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Kosovo, Macedonia, Man, Moldova, Monaco, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.

Zone 3:
All remaining countries.

To call from abroad dial numbers using their international format – so to each Czech number you will need to add the prefix +420. Before you travel abroad check on the website  here who are the Opencall partners in the country you are going to.  Choose a contract partner who has in the “Outgoing calls from a prepaid card” blue check mark.

To send SMS and MMS messages from abroad, dial the number using the international format – i.e. to Czech with the prefix: +420.

  • Using a rechargeable O2 Czech Republic coupon; via internet banking of selected banks.
  • In the menu choose the O2 operator (technical provider of recharging).