Transfer number


  • Contact your previous mobile operator and ask for the UPC (Unique Porting Code). when all accounts are settled
  • Activate OpenCall SIM card. The card is activated automatically when the first phone call is made, SMS sent or on first connection to the Internet.
  • Log in to My OpenCall and follow the instructions in the “Transfer number” linkor sendan SMS from an active SIM card with the wording“TRANSFER XXXXXXXXXXX YYYYYYYYY”where XXXXXXXXXXX is the unique portingcode (“UPC”) obtained from your previous provider, and YYYYYYYYY is thenumber transferred. Data in the SMS is separated by a space.
  • A request can also be submitted to our customer helpline at: +420 778 820 820. Enter your UPC code when requested to do so.
You can also call the customer helpline at: +420 778 820 820 and submit a request for number transfer and enter the UPC.