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  • Contact your operator and ask for your ČVOP (Porting Authorisation Code). You must settle all contractual obligations before leaving your current mobile services operator. From 1 April 2020 you only need to know the OKU code of the telephone number that you wish to transfer.

  • Buy and activate an OpenCall SIM card. Your card will be activated automatically the first time you make a telephone call, send an SMS or connect to the Internet.

  • Log in to the “My OpenCall” self-service and follow the instructions in the “Transfer number” section or send an SMS from an active SIM card to 999348 with the text: “TRANSFER XXXXXXXXXXX YYYYYYYYY”, where XXXXXXXXXXX is the Porting Authorisation code (“OKU”) for transferring the telephone number, or the Customer Verification Code (“ČVOP”) obtained from the operator you are leaving, and YYYYYYYYY is the number being transferred. Data in the SMS must be separated by a space.


You can also phone customer service at +420 778 820 820 and submit a number transfer request, during which you enter the OKU or ČVOP when requested to do so.