Unlimited calling to all networks in CZ 99 CZK/ 10 days

10 days of calls FREE in October and November

With this package you don’t need to worry about what network you’re calling to or how long your call will be!

Activate the NEOMEZENĚ package (SMS: NEO A to 99934) and make calls for a month for only 198 CZK! The third period with the Package is free and you get FREE calls with the 2+1 promotion.

If you activate the NEOMEZENĚ package, which automatically renews every 10 days (if you have sufficient credit), you get the third renewal FREE! The offer can be claimed two times in a row until 30.11.2021. If the package is deactivated for any reason before the third renewal and then reactivated, the free third period will not be activated.

If you already have the NEOMEZENĚ package and want to claim our autumn promotion and call for FREE in the third period, you first have to deactivate it by sending an SMS with the text NEO D to 999348 or in the Můj OpenCall area. Once it has expired, activate it again by SMS or in the Můj OpenCall area.

See our price list for further information about the 2+1 promotion.

send the key text in an SMS to 999348
text of SMS description
NEO A activate Package Neomezeně
NEO D deactivate Package Neomezeně