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How to TOP UP

Looking for the best way to TOP UP your credit?
Please have a look on the different possibilities offered to you or go directly to TOP UP MAP.

Online TOP UP

We are sorry but online top-up is temporarily suspended given the implementation

SAZKA terminals

  • Recharge your credit on more than 4900 places in Czech Republic. Each retailer that offers Sazka top up has Sazka logo on its door.
  • To recharge your OpenCall powered by O2 SIM card simply state your telephone number and in the menu choose O2 operator (technical provider of recharging).


Recharge your Opencall powered by O2 SIM at any of the ATM of these banks:

In the menu choose the O2 operator.

Dobíjecí kupóny

  1. While recharging OpenCall powered by O2 service use rechargeable coupons of O2 operator. Coupons can be purchased in your nearest tobacco shop. Find the nearest one in the point of sales list.
  2. Dial the code in the form *102*(14 digit voucher code) # or recharge in Internet self-service.
  3. Credit will be added to your current balance on your OpenCall account in a moment.


Recharge OpenCall credit in the internet banking of these banks:

In the application choose O2 operator.

Other top-up places

OpenCall powered by O2 SIM card recharge in following shops and petrol station networks.

  • Česká pošta, Billa, Rossmann, Tesco, Žabka, Flosman, ESO market
  • Shell, OMV, Benzina, Agip, Euro Oil, Pap Oil, Robin Oil and others.
  • In the menu choose the O2 operator (technical provider of recharging).