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Voice calls and packages

Activate one of our package and get even better prices of calling and data

0.00 CZK799.00 CZK
CallsCalls to all networks in the Czech Republic1.80 CZK/minunlimited
Calls to all networks in Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia2.90 CZK/min150 free minutes
then from 2.90 CZK/min
OpenCall numbers1.80 CZK/minunlimited
International callsfrom 1.80 CZK/min150 free minutes
to selected countries
and according Pricelist
of international calls
SMSWithin Czech Republic1.50 CZK1.50 CZK
OpenCall1.50 CZK1.50 CZK
International1.86 CZK1.86 CZK
Internet25MB / 24 hours25.00 CZK1.5 GB / 30 days
MMSWithin Czech Republic4.90 CZK4.90 CZK
International7.90 CZK7.90 CZK

  • The package will be activated at the point of confirming the activation by SMS.
  • The package is valid for 30 days. The package will be automatically restored every 30 days and a monthly amount of fee will be subtracted. The automatic recovery will not take place unless the SIM card contains a sufficient amount of credit to cover the cost of the fee.
  • Prices of calls in the Czech Republic and Slovakia applies to all networks and are final.
  • Package MAXI contains 150 free minutes to selected countries. Prices of calls to the rest of countries are according to full pricelist.
  • Package MAXI contains 1,5GB internet that is integral part of package. If customer deactivates internet package, the whole package MAXI will be deactivated.
  • Package MAXI isn´t compatible with other data packages. If you activate other data package, your package MAXI will be deactivated.
  • Using data beyond the basic data volume that is included in Internet packages is charged per unit price for increase of the data volume. Realization of data connection after the exhaustion of the data volume is considered as an explicit request for further provision of the service by increasing the data volume.  Increase of the data volume can be done repeatedly. The increased data volume is valid until the Internet package is restored. Automatic increase of the data volume is possible to activate (A) or deactivate (D) by sending a free SMS in form OBNOVDATA (space) A /D to 999348 or in the internet self-service. Automatic increase  of the data volume won´t come through if the remaining credit is not sufficient to cover the cost of the increase.
  • Automatic increase of data volume in package MAXI is 60MB. Each automatic increase of data volume costs 12CZK
  • Tariffication for calls in the Czech Republic of the package opencall easy is 60 + 1.
  • Tariffication for calls in the Czech Republic of the package opencall Plus is 1 + 1.Prices include VAT.
SMS order for package PLUS/MAXI
send the text below via SMS to 999348
text SMS description
PLUS A activation package PLUS
PLUS D deactivation package PLUS
MAXI A activation package MAXI
MAXI D deactivation package MAXI