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Keep your current number

1. Contact your current mobile service provider at which you´ve settled all your commitments and request so-called ČVOP code (an authorization number from the operator you are leaving).

2. Purchase and activate OpenCall powered by O2 SIM.The SIM card will be activated by first paid call or sent SMS.

3. a)Sign into internet self-service on and follow the instructions under “Number portation”. Here submit the request for number portation and paste ČVOP code.
b)For the number portation can be asked also via SMS:
Číslo ČVOP společně s převáděným telefonním číslem nám z Opencall powered by O2 SIM karty zašlete SMSkou a do čtyř pracovních dnů máte u OpenCall své původní telefonní číslo aktivní.SMS ve tvaru:


SMS in the form: PRENOS XXXXXXXXXXXXXX YYYYYYYYY send from OpenCall powered by O2 SIM card for free on number 999348. (XXXXXXXXXXXXXX=ČVOP, YYYYYYYYY=porting number). Before sending the SMS don´t forget to activate the Opencall powered by O2 SIM card. SIM card will be activated by first paid call or SMS. You will be informed about the activation via SMS.
Credit on the purchased OpenCall powered by O2 SIM card remains of course valid even after portation from another provider. Credit on the original number outside of the O2 network is unfortunately not transferred to Opencall, so we recommend you to use it before portation. Please just be careful that you have at least a minimal positive credit left otherwise the portation process from the original provider might not be successful.
If you are porting the number from the original OpenCall service on Vodafone network we will take care of the existing credit on your porting number and transfer it.
In case you need assistance please call the customer service line: *88 from OpenCall SIM card or 778 820 820 and we will help you.