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1. Contact your current mobile service provider at which you´ve settled all your commitments and request  so-called ČVOP code (an authorization number from the operator you are leaving).

2. Purchase and activate OpenCall powered by O2 SIM. The SIM card will be activated by first paid call or sent SMS.

3a. Sign into internet self-service on www.opencall.cz and follow the instructions under “Number portation”. Here submit the request for number portation and paste ČVOP code.

3b. For the number portation can be asked also via SMS:

  • Send your ČVOP number together with your porting number to us via SMS and in four working days will be your original phone number active. SMS in the form: PRENOS XXXXXXXXXXXXXX YYYYYYYYY send from OpenCall SIM card for free on number 999348. (XXXXXXXXXXXXXX=ČVOP, YYYYYYYYY=porting number). Before sending the SMS don´t forget to active the SIM card. SIM card will be activated by first paid call or SMS. You will be informed about the activation via SMS.
  • Credit on the purchased OpenCall powered by O2 SIM card remains of course valid even after portation from another provider.
  • Credit on the original number is unfortunately not transffered to Opencall, so we recommend you to use it before portation. Please just be careful that you have at least a minimal positive credit left otherwise the portation process from the original provider might not be successful.
  • If you are porting the number from the original OpenCall service on Vodafone network we will take care of the existing credit on your porting number and transfer it.
  • Or call the customer service line: *88 from OpenCall SIM card or 778 820 820 and we will help you.

With numbers 60+1, 1+1, or 60+60 we mean the tariffs , which customer`s calls are billed with. All numbers represent the number of seconds. The first number indicates how the first minute is charged. The second number means call charges from the second minute onwards.

E.g. with tariffs 60+1 is the first minute charged as whole and afterwards by seconds. With tariffs 1+1 the call is charged by seconds from the beginning.

To recharge your OpenCall powered by O2 SIM card simply state your telephone number and in the menu choose O2 operator (technical provider of recharging).

For problems with charging, you can always contact our Customer Support on number *88 (when calling from OpenCall) or 778 820 820 (when calling from another operator). Please prepare your phone number that should have been charged, the terminal trough which you attempted to top up your credit and the recharge time. For quick solution of your problem, please email all information stated above and enclose the copy of the bill at support@opencall.cz.

To call from abroad dial numbers using their international format – so to each Czech number you will need to add the prefix +420.

Before you travel abroad check on the website  http://www.o2.cz/osobni/roaming/225561-prehled_roaming_partneru.html who are the Opencall partners in the country you are going to.  Choose a contract partner who has in the “Outgoing calls from a prepaid card” blue check mark.

For using the internet in your mobile phone with the OpenCall SIM card you need to first change the internet settings in your mobile phone according the following table. In most cases it is sufficient to only change the internet access point name (APN) to “Internet” if there is indicated antoher one.

Browser / Internet Access Setting MMS Setting
Connection Name opencall internet opencall mms
Access Point Name internet MMS
Username / Password – / – – / –
Homepage / MMS Server https://www.opencall.cz http://mms.o2active.cz:8002
Proxy (mms) server address
Proxy (mms) server port
APN Type default mms

Yes! OpenCall SIM cards come in 3 in 1 packaging – From 1 universal SIM, you get Standard, Micro or Nano SIM card.

For the correct function of MMS it is necessary to have the mobile data activated and not to be connected to Wi-Fi network while sending or receiving MMS (it is a general feature of smartphones).
Therefore make sure you have a mobile data activated and set APN for MMS.
If your credit is less than 25 CZK, we automatically block the mobile data so you don´t find yourself in negative numbers by using the mobile data. It is necessary to recharge the credit.
If you don´t want to use the mobile data to connect the Internet at all and you want to prevent the automatic activation of the daily package we have a tip for you:
Rename of delete the access point name (APN) “internet” and since that moment your mobile phone won´t connect to mobile data and only the APN for MMS will work (if it´s correctly configured).
Blocking the data services (INTERNET D) will block not only mobile data but also the possibility of receiving and sending MMS.
Dial on your phone *110*# as a call and you will receive a message regarding your credit status.

Dial on your phone *110*# as a call and you will receive a message regarding your credit status.